Piedmont Plus Senior Games & Silver Arts!

Stay tuned to WTOB for updates on games, competitions, and the Silver Arts and Literary competitions. We will have interviews with participants, sponsors, and updates throughout the tournaments. Visit WePlay.ws for the details, registration forms, and the events calendar!

About Piedmont Plus Senior Games and Silver Arts

If you’re 50 or “better,” there’s no finer way to stay active than to participate in the Piedmont Plus Senior Games and Silver Arts.

Piedmont Plus Senior Games and Silver Arts are year-round wellness and educational programs. Every April, the program culminates with athletic, art, crafts and performance competitions that draw hundreds of participants.

Piedmont Plus Senior Games offer 38 athletic and skill events, including traditional track and field events; team sports such as basketball and softball; recreational sports such as golf and bowling; and tests of skill such as football throwing and spin casting.

Competitions are organized by gender and by age: 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, etc. Mixed pairs are allowed in select events such as bowling, pickleball and tennis. Gold, silver and bronze medalists for each event qualify for the North Carolina Senior Games, held in Raleigh during September. Medal winners at the state games qualify for the national games held every other year.

For seniors not interested nor physically able to compete in sports or games, Silver Arts competitions are offered in 32 categories of heritage, visual, performing and literary arts, including painting, singing, needle crafts and photography. Silver Arts participants also compete for medals.

While winning a medal is exciting, the Senior Games and Silver Arts offer much greater rewards for everyone who participate. The games promote an active lifestyle, fun, and fellowship!

Anna Marino, CTRS/LRT
Interim Athletic Supervisor & Senior Games Coordinator
Phone: 336-727-2313